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Ha, this is the greatest ad! Yes, it’s going off of simple sex appeal, but the commercial is so self-aware and unabashed about this pandering to sex appeal that it is hilarious. I am looking up that app right now.

It’s funny that the below poster (a guy) was reminded of the Sexy CPR commercials when he saw this; I was immediately thinking of Isaiah Mustafa talking ever-so-wonderfully to us ladies via his Old Spice commercial.


You’re welcome, ladies.

I keep seeing Rethink pop-up everywhere. They’ve been doing some great creative over the past year.

This isn’t brilliant, but it’s kinda funny and it’s probably going to be effective. It reminds of a Cannes-winning campaign that I’ll post immediately after this (you’re welcome, boys).

Agency: Rethink, Canada | Source: Ads of the World

Source: tj-arch

Great Coke Zero Commercial!

Agency: CP+B

Actor: Chad Jamian Williams


AH YES—another Old Spice Man installment! W+K, you’re killing me with hilarious brilliance, love this campaign… even if this video isn’t quite as strong as some of the older ones.


Amazing pro-gay marriage ad from Australia.


This is EPIC!!! A lot of the other NZ anti-drunk-driving commercials are quite shock-inducing, but this one seems to hit the nail on the head in terms connecting with our generation.

And come on… you just can’t beat that accent, can ya, mate?

Pretty schweet, New Zealand, preeetty schweet.

Via Youtube:

" ‘Legend’ - Anti drink-driving advertising campaign from NZTA featuring ‘ghost chips’.

For all that are wondering:
- The music was created by Franklin Road Studios especially for this video clip
- The actor is Darcey-Ray Flavell
- Directed by Steve Ayson from The Sweet Shop”


John Hegarty picked a young model/actor named Brad Pitt to star in this Levi’s commercial from 1991. Crazy!

Source: adverteaseme

Instructional and sexy. Lovely!

Client: Fortnight Lingerie

Film: Super Sexy CPR

Agency: Red Urban (Canada)

Year: 2010

Source: adverteaseme



TBWA Paris

(por Dior)


Tagline: “Know what matters.”

Client: Guinness

Agency: ?? is it Abbot Mead Vickers maybe?

Actor: Michael Fassbender

Source: gamewinninggoal

Berries and Cream!

Client: Starburst

Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day



“Move” - STA Travel Australia. I just love this video so much, I don’t care if everyone’s already seen it :) (Source: Youtube)

Source: consumerbehaviourself

Beautiful, pseudo-PSA style ad for Chipotle. Beautifully viral for now, will begin airing in movie theaters in September 2011.

Full video here.

Client: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Agency: In-house

Filmmaker: Johnny Kelly

Song: “The Scientist”, Coldplay cover by Willie Nelson

via my lovely friend Matt


Wonderfully engaging! Might be a bit long, but quite delightful nonetheless. 

Full Video via Vimeo here. Check these out, too: LondonBarcelonaBeijing

Client: EF International Language Centers (Spring, 2011)

Tagline: Live the Language

Production: Camp David Film (Sweden)

DP: Niklas Johansson

Director: Gustav Johansson

Typographer: Albin Holmqvist

Music: Magnus Lidehäll


It really seems you can’t go wrong with mustaches nowadays!

Client: Heineken Light (Summer, 2011)

Agency: Wieden and Kennedy

Media: Video

Found via adprof:

Love this ad by W+K.

Source: adprof