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I’m split on this one…. I’ll start with the good: The packaging is great. Normally I’d have an issue with a business card that may be memorable but generally impractical, but this will probably be collected in a situation that is less business-like anyway.

The bad? Well, as a woman, the word “Flow” conjures up something other than the flowy movement of yoga. I see what they’re going for with that, but perhaps they should have asked members of both sexes before choosing a name…

Still lovin’ that packaging, though.


Yoga Business Card

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This packaging for the hypothetical tea, Teapee, is so delightful! Although my caffeine addiction of choice is coffee and my college senior self is more broke than MC Hammer, I admit that I would giggle like an eager 6 year old and frolick to the cash register if I saw these babies in my local Schnucks.

I also really like that the beautiful patterns on the bottom of the packaging are what you peel away to release your little dome of tea. Great work to the artist, Sophie Pepin!


Packaging for Teapee Amerindian Herbal Teas (Source: Packaging UQAM via Lürzer’s Archive)

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Presenting: The genius tool that would make every 20-something-year-old’s life so.much.easier. Brilliant!

See Swiss Miss’s article about this.


Awesome Freshness Label - Harika Tazelik Etiketi by To-Genkyo

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Agreed… great colors and negative space.

For the token fireworks enthusiasts with fine aesthetic taste.


nicest fireworks packaging ever. 

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This is quite brilliant packaging! And the more you lose… the more chocolate you get to eat. Win-win!


Eating chocolates is even more fun with this new packaging for Alpino chocolates. In this limited edition box the candy is lined up like the classic board game Peg Solitaire. So you can play the game and eat the chocolates that are removed from the board. Pure fun!

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