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Photo Set

Very interesting that these two ads are similar in design, yet so far apart in age. The first is a vintage ad asking, “Does your advertising stand out?” by W S Crawford, Ltd., one of the most influential ad agencies of the early 20th century, and the other is a modern take by the American Association of Advertising Agencies and Advertisers asserting, “Advertising. It makes a difference.”

Pretty neat!

The vintage ad was found via, and the credits for the AAAA ad can be found here on .

Source: adverteaseme

Instructional and sexy. Lovely!

Client: Fortnight Lingerie

Film: Super Sexy CPR

Agency: Red Urban (Canada)

Year: 2010

Source: adverteaseme


Product: Wrangler Jeans

Tagline: We Are Animals, SS11

Agency: Fred & Farid (Paris, France)

Photographer: Cass Berd

DoP: Keith Leman

(via for-the-interim-deactivated2011)