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Ha, this is the greatest ad! Yes, it’s going off of simple sex appeal, but the commercial is so self-aware and unabashed about this pandering to sex appeal that it is hilarious. I am looking up that app right now.

It’s funny that the below poster (a guy) was reminded of the Sexy CPR commercials when he saw this; I was immediately thinking of Isaiah Mustafa talking ever-so-wonderfully to us ladies via his Old Spice commercial.


You’re welcome, ladies.

I keep seeing Rethink pop-up everywhere. They’ve been doing some great creative over the past year.

This isn’t brilliant, but it’s kinda funny and it’s probably going to be effective. It reminds of a Cannes-winning campaign that I’ll post immediately after this (you’re welcome, boys).

Agency: Rethink, Canada | Source: Ads of the World

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This is fantastic! Absolutely great copy. Then again, I’d approve of just about anything that manages to sneak the word “Gooseberry” into the copy… what a perfect random word to throw into this to drive the point home. Well done, BBDO.

Client=DB Breweries
Agency=Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Country=New Zealand


Smells like you’re being an idiot.

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Hahaha…. I quite literally laughed out loud when I saw this! Great ad.

Original article here.

Kunde: Bank Forum Commerzbank Group,
Agentur: Ogilvy & Mather, Kiev
Creative Director: Will Rust
Art Director: Taras Dzendrovskii
Copywriter: Alexandra Doroguntsova


Hysteria. German style

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I like the rustic/dapper approach to this.

Controllers for the gamer of refined taste, perhaps?


TBWA (Spain)

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AH YES—another Old Spice Man installment! W+K, you’re killing me with hilarious brilliance, love this campaign… even if this video isn’t quite as strong as some of the older ones.


This is EPIC!!! A lot of the other NZ anti-drunk-driving commercials are quite shock-inducing, but this one seems to hit the nail on the head in terms connecting with our generation.

And come on… you just can’t beat that accent, can ya, mate?

Pretty schweet, New Zealand, preeetty schweet.

Via Youtube:

" ‘Legend’ - Anti drink-driving advertising campaign from NZTA featuring ‘ghost chips’.

For all that are wondering:
- The music was created by Franklin Road Studios especially for this video clip
- The actor is Darcey-Ray Flavell
- Directed by Steve Ayson from The Sweet Shop”



How to be a really good client.

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Hilarious and classy. In other words, genius!

Client: Harvey Nichols

Agency: Y & R Dubai


Harvey Nicholes print ad.

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Client: BMW

Year: ?

Agency: ?

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