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Moving away from their previous images of rebellious and adventurous youth, this Ray Ban ad puts a wonderful new spin on their slogan, “Never Hide.”

According to this article in HuffPost, Paris-based agency Marcel reportedly produced the ads as a salute to “people from various eras who have flouted conventions in plain sight.”

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This packaging for the hypothetical tea, Teapee, is so delightful! Although my caffeine addiction of choice is coffee and my college senior self is more broke than MC Hammer, I admit that I would giggle like an eager 6 year old and frolick to the cash register if I saw these babies in my local Schnucks.

I also really like that the beautiful patterns on the bottom of the packaging are what you peel away to release your little dome of tea. Great work to the artist, Sophie Pepin!


Packaging for Teapee Amerindian Herbal Teas (Source: Packaging UQAM via Lürzer’s Archive)


In response to the Bloomberg article, “Kraft’s Name Change to Mondelez Leaves Experts Guessing" by David Welch.

To change from a name as a) recognizable, b) short and c) easily pronounced as Kraft to something as bulky as Mondelez seems counterintuitive. “Monde” is world in Spanish, and the newly coined “delez” evokes the air of delicious when spoken aloud, as it were. Couple of Shakespeare’s in their branding department making up words, I see… While I find the etymology behind this pretty cool, it sounds entirely Spanish at first, and therefore if I didn’t read this I’d feel like I was (as a non-speaker) missing the meaning behind the name. Considering that Kraft exists in 32 countries from China to the US, I feel like that could be a little alienating to some markets. Hm. Anyway, as Welch says, they are only changing the name that will be on the back of the wrapper flaps, so as long as people still have their Oreos, Cadbury’s, Tridents etc, I think they’ll eventually adjust just fine to this swap.

Now on to the junk food binge that reading about these brands has just triggered… om nom nom

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Ok, ok, so I admit that upon first viewing this, the ghost of my presumptuous college-freshman-with-all-the-expertise-of-an-intro-level-women-and-gender-studies-self had a reaction to these ads perhaps best articulated by…

"Aw hell no."

Aw Hell No

HOWEVER, upon taking a closer look, I saw that the company is Playboy. And like a switch, my inner feminist disappeared and was replaced by someone very much digging these ads! It literally is Playboy’s business to objectify women in a sexual manner, and there are plenty of straightforward ways to show that. Yet here they are stepping up the playfulness of this game by adding brilliant humor, gorgeous pictures, and a neat logo to the mix. Bravo, Y&R South Afica, this was fantastically done!


Y&R (South Africa)

Nice job by our colleagues in South Africa.

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Interesting photographs, but they are more likely to motivate me to go to Saks than to a gym (that said, I don’t often find myself going into Saks, so maybe they inadvertently did something right?)

This campaign is supposed to highlight moments “made possible by an Equinox powered body.” But as the Refinery29 article here said, it features models “who look like the heaviest thing they’ve ever lifted was a glass of champagne.”

Ah well. Pretty picture, if not at all sending a lets-work-out message!


AH YES—another Old Spice Man installment! W+K, you’re killing me with hilarious brilliance, love this campaign… even if this video isn’t quite as strong as some of the older ones.

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Very interesting that these two ads are similar in design, yet so far apart in age. The first is a vintage ad asking, “Does your advertising stand out?” by W S Crawford, Ltd., one of the most influential ad agencies of the early 20th century, and the other is a modern take by the American Association of Advertising Agencies and Advertisers asserting, “Advertising. It makes a difference.”

Pretty neat!

The vintage ad was found via, and the credits for the AAAA ad can be found here on .

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Hilarious and classy. In other words, genius!

Client: Harvey Nichols

Agency: Y & R Dubai


Harvey Nicholes print ad.

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Well, I suppose that is one way of introducing your European car to the American market…

but… huh?

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Ray-Ban - Never Hide campaign (2011)

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Very interesting campaign indeed!

Campaign: Absolut Blank

Interesting article about this initiative by RWDMag here